UPDATE: Glenn Beck, meet blow-back…

It’s been about a week or so since Radio Rwanda Fox News pundit Glenn Beck, while on Fox and Friends, said US President Barack Obama “has a deep-seated hatred for white people.” He quickly back-tracked and claimed that he’s “not saying that he [Obama] doesn’t like white people” before going on to say—exactly seven seconds later—that Obama is “a racist.” It’s truly an amazing display of what is either rapid cognitive dissonance or extreme temporary Alzheimer’s.

Apparently this was the line that needed to be crossed for three advertisers—Lawyers.com, Procter & Gamble and Progressive Insurance—to pull their ads from his show. Neither Beck’s contrived weepiness/paranoid fear-mongering, alarmist conspiracies, nor his self-righteous demagoguery were enough for them, it was the racist card that finally shook them out of complacency. (Not really, they just moved their advertising to a different show on the same network.)

Watch the spectacle in full effect below, then ride the series of tubes over to the Huffington Post for more.

The Huffington Post: Glenn Beck’s Obama “Racist” Comments Cost Him Advertisers

UPDATE: (August 14, 2009) More and more of Beck’s corporate sponsors have been distancing themselves from his unfounded and insulting ravings. The lates bunch to pull their advertising dollars from his show include Walmart, Best Buy, CVS, GMAC, and Travelocity. Other big advertiser that have already pulled away include Men’s Wearhouse, Procter & Gamble, Progressive Insurance, RadioShack, SC Johnson, Sargento, and State Farm Insurance.

If Beck’s handlers at Fox won’t take responsiblilty in making Glenn Beck accountable for his childish antics, I’m happy to see that his sponsors are.

The Huffington Post: Walmart, CVS, Best Buy, GMAC Among 8 Major Companies To Pull Ads From Glenn Beck Show

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Posted Saturday, August 8th, 2009 under Rant and Commentary.

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