The “Birther” Movement: Petty Partisanship or Underlying Racism?

The so-called Birther Movement was handed a dose of reality yesterday when the US 10th Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed another “attenuated, insubstantial, and frivolous” lawsuit. Ari Rabin-Havt at Media Matters reports that

the court dismissed the suit “without prejudice,” allowing Craig to file the case again.

It should be noted that two of the three judges on the panel were appointed to the federal bench by Republicans, Judge Jerome Holmes by George W. Bush, and Judge Paul Kelly by George H.W. Bush.

The third judge on the panel, Judge Mary Beck Briscoe, was appointed by Bill Clinton. That makes for three Justices appointed by three different US Presidents that came together to agree that Steven Lee Craig’s arguments were about as weak as a can of O’Doul’s (well, “somewhat difficult to distill” were the exact words). Good for them.

As one hears more and more about this movement, one can’t help but wonder where their motives lay. Never mind their arguments—which keep morphing, depending on the evidence with which they are being countered—what is their motivation? One question that keeps coming up in my mind is this: If Obama wasn’t black but just another template white Democrat that happened to have one parent that was from, say, Canada, would we still be suffering this incredulousness?

Is this just the voice of petty partisans recently bereaved of political power or is something much uglier at the heart of this matter? While it is easy to see it as the former—and in the case of some opportunists like pandering members of the US Congress and ratings-chasing media pundits, I believe that is likely the matter—when it comes to the mobilized, placard waving citizen activists and their sympathizers, I feel it is very much the former.


Fear of a Half-Breed Muslin (sic) Planet

Spell Check is your friend.

These are the same people that were freaking out about the insignificant fact that Barack Obama’s middle name happens to be identical to the last name of the former dictator of Iraq. A name that happens to not only mean “good”, “handsome” or “beautiful” in Arabic, but is so common amongst Middle Eastern males, from both Muslim and secular families, that Hussein is practically the  Arabic equivalent of Michael.

These are the same people that were shouting out things like “terrorist,” ”Obama Osama,” and “get him” whenever Obama’s name was mentioned at campaign rallies for Senator John McCain.

Do you believe for even a moment that many of these people aren’t using the word “nigger” when they talk about Obama privately amongst themselves? At the very least, you know they’re thinking it.

And now for something completely different, I give you Orly Taitz—mother, dentistkind-of attorney (in California only, accredited from an online correspondence school, not a member of the American Bar Association ), Birther Queen and Master of Cognitive Dissonance—having a meltdown to comedic effect live on MSNBC after having her paranoid ramblings challenged:

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Posted Saturday, August 8th, 2009 under Rant and Commentary.

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